5 ways to boost your WiFi

5 simple ways to get better WiFi in your house

There is nothing worse than using your 4g data in your home.

Here are 5 easy suggestions.

  1. Call your ISP, you may get lucky and be eligible for an upgraded modem with newer 802.11ac WiFi with faster throughput.
  2. Invest in a new mesh wireless network – there are lots of types now such as Google WiFi, Netgear Orbi or TP-Link Deco. 2-3 access points will easily cover the average house with little to no loss of speed.
  3. If you have a device at the other end of the house than can plug in through Ethernet, you can buy a power line network adapter. This turns your PowerPoints into network points. They can sometimes be unreliable. Pop a wireless access point on this and you’ll then have instant WiFi there too.
  4. If you’re a little bit familiar with your modem settings you can try adjusting wireless settings. Changing the WiFi channel to another one may help or even the channel width from 80mhz to 40mhz or even down to 20mhz. The speed will maybe slower but the range will be longer.
  5. Wifi Range Extenders – these aren’t as good as Mesh Networks, due to the fact that each one you put in halves the network speed and they can sometimes confuse devices. But they are highly cost effective – some cheaper ones can even be bought for $10.

Quick bonus tip, you could even try putting some aluminium foil behind the wireless router.

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