Helping you with your business online

Custom WordPress Sites

We will help you design and build a custom website, ensuring it is modern, relevant and easy to use. Hosted locally in Australia

Integrate with Facebook

We can completely integrate your website with Facebook, ensuring messenger is available for visitors and posts and synchronised between the two. Freeing you up valuable time to work with your clients.

Integrate with Podcasts

We can get your audio recordings on Podcasts in Apple iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms. Reach a wider audience with the power of podcasts!

Integrate with Billing

Do you need to accept payments or send invoices online? We can help you with that! We'll even automate reminder emails to your clients so that you don't need to spend your time chasing money up.

Email Hosting

We can provide you email hosting through GSuite, Microsoft 365 or hosted mail servers. We can work to your requirements and budget.

automate emails

Do you send out email reminders to clients or are you missing oppurninites on on your site with abandoned carts? We can automate these, potentially reclaiming valuable revenue for you.

Update Existing site

Is your website already setup and working, but you want to check that everything is up to date, secure or do you have that next big idea but you aren't sure what to do? We can help you with that!

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • IT Support

We can support your business in designing functional websites to your budget and needs. It will be completely responsive and resize to mobile browsers whilst keeping functionality.


We partner with Australian based data centres to host your data securely and reliably within Australia. If you require it we can organise content delivery networks to cache your website in countries close to your clients.

We offer full service IT support regardless of how small or big your job is. Whether you are a home user wanting some help setting up a new printer or a business setting up for the first time, we can help you!

Choose the perfect hosting plan

Below are our hosting costs for website, these are seperate to development costs. We offer discounts if you host and develop with us.


Per month


Per month


Per month

Frequently asked questions

Everybody is different and as such it’s hard to say how much something will cost. However, setting up a basic single page website and email will start at about $300 and increase from there depending on your requirements. 

We always provide upfront quotes and fixed price install.


We will never just setup your site and run, this is what differentiates us from other designers. We offer 1:1 training over Zoom and will be available for support after the setup.

AS part of our training we’ll show you how to do this. Or if you prefer we offer simple monthly management packages where we will keep an eye on your site. Ensuring its always up to date and secure. Should something happen we will be there to help.

We partner with local web hosts in Australia, ensuring your data is in Australia. This gives additional reliability and speed.

We can setup content delivery networks to cache your website across the globe.

No definitely not!

Whether you sell cupcakes at a market or own a realestate company. No business is too big or too small for a site. We specialise in helping small to medium businesses get online. 

Content in sites isn’t included, if this is something you require we can assist with organising copywriting. 

Our clients

Tristan came to SnapeIT as he needed his site to be updated and taking many parts to the next level to support his thriving Real Estate business.
Jemma from Sisu Rose was In need of a website that integrated with her Social media platforms. As most of her business is derived from social media the website needed to support these platforms and ensure data is consistent.
Samuel Jay came to us as he needed a website for his listings, SnapeIT designed and hosts his site including a CRM portal to capture visitor data.
P.E.S. needed a website to help support their business which is Exams, Assessments and Marking services in Victoria, Australia. The website needed to integrate with Mailchimp and offer online orders. SnapeIT provided a completely integrated solution.
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Remote Support Available

With the latest government recommendations to minimise contact between people and maintain social distancing, SnapeIT are offering remote support and...

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