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Welcome to Samuel Jay Real Estate

Snape IT takes pleasure in working with Samuel Jay Real Estate –

Samuel recently joined us as he was needing an online presence to help with his Real Estate career, he knew the benefits of personal branding and integrating with social media.

We designed a custom website for him with full listings for his current properties for sale along with his sold properties.

Samuel also needed a platform for news, blogs and sharing exciting news with his clients. So we set up a blog and ensured the server has enough storage and capacity to be able to do this.

As Samuel’s business expands his website requirements will too, with that in mind we set up the infrastructure to scale up the hardware and also add additional platforms such as CRM and Office 365 or GSuite should he require it. 

Samuel loves the clean design of the website, the contrasting black and whites along with the fully customisable interface for his clients. As his business evolves so will the website. 

Samuel often doesn’t have the time to sit down at a desktop to add listings or content to his site, so through an app, he can add listings and news articles to his site along with videos.

If you’re looking at buying or selling property in Melbourne look no further than Samuel Jay.


Remote Support Available

With the latest government recommendations to minimise contact between people and maintain social distancing, SnapeIT are offering remote support and conferencing over Zoom.

Remotely, we can still fix a majority of issues that most of our clients have – this can be related to most software issues. Should you have a physical issue we are still offering a pickup/drop off service and for other issues, we can discuss alternative arrangements (depending on the Government regulations at the time).

You can book an appointment here

Zoom will automatically send you an invite with the link to the Zoom. You can download the apps from here . Zoom works across most devices, if you are experiencing internet issues, it can be installed onto a mobile device.

As always, if you have any questions please email [email protected]

Services Small Business

Powering your home business

Running a business can be complicated and stressful at the best of times. There are so many things to think about especially when you’re starting up.

  • Do I need an online presence, where and how do you even do that?
    • How can you get a nice website, without paying a fortune that is easy for you to manage without being a “Tech Person”.
    • What message do you want to share through your presence? Information, sales or both?
    • How often can you update your site content?
  • Emails, [email protected] isn’t the most professional way of selling your business. You’ll ideally want your own domain name – this is easier and cheaper than you may think! Business Victoria has a guide, but we can help you with this as it can be overwhelming.
  • How can you easily invoice people and take credit cards and bank transfers safely whilst being protected from fraudsters and not paying huge fees to someone else.
  • Would you like to be able to take payments online, at markets and/or in-house? With the ATO recently saying over 75% of transactions are now electronic and 90% of businesses accepting card, you can’t afford turn away customers by only accepting cash.
    • Some suggestions would involve looking at solutions like Square* where you can use any device to send & process payments.
  • Social media and blog posts are a sensational way of getting awareness and site traffic to your business, this can easily be linked up to most social media sites. Automatically posting your content at the best times without you having to think about it. 
  • Customer database, where will you store your customer data, invoices, receipts and other information?

SnapeIT has helped many home and small businesses just like yours setting up these things, we can organise your online presence and show you some solutions for payments all whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Saving you time, money and keeping you happy is our focus, whether you sell fruit & veg at a local market, run a services company or sell products we can help you get on your way.

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*We don’t receive any payments for Square referrals, however new businesses & SnapeIT will receive some free payment processing for referrals.


Have your personal details been leaked?

There is usually a news article about companies being hacked and the details of end users like you and I, being released all over the web. Pretty scary stuff when you think about it. Your passwords, emails, birthdays, addresses and often the secret ‘questions’ and answers – mother’s maiden name, birthday suburb… I think you get the idea.

But how many of these hacks actually apply to your own personal data? Or if you are a network admin, how many people on your domain?


5 ways to boost your WiFi

There is nothing worse than using your 4g data in your home.

Here are 5 easy suggestions.

  1. Call your ISP, you may get lucky and be eligible for an upgraded modem with newer 802.11ac WiFi with faster throughput.
  2. Invest in a new mesh wireless network – there are lots of types now such as Google WiFi, Netgear Orbi or TP-Link Deco. 2-3 access points will easily cover the average house with little to no loss of speed.
  3. If you have a device at the other end of the house than can plug in through Ethernet, you can buy a power line network adapter. This turns your PowerPoints into network points. They can sometimes be unreliable. Pop a wireless access point on this and you’ll then have instant WiFi there too.
  4. If you’re a little bit familiar with your modem settings you can try adjusting wireless settings. Changing the WiFi channel to another one may help or even the channel width from 80mhz to 40mhz or even down to 20mhz. The speed will maybe slower but the range will be longer.
  5. Wifi Range Extenders – these aren’t as good as Mesh Networks, due to the fact that each one you put in halves the network speed and they can sometimes confuse devices. But they are highly cost effective – some cheaper ones can even be bought for $10.

Quick bonus tip, you could even try putting some aluminium foil behind the wireless router.

If you need any help or have questions, you can message us at


Guide to using a Chromecast as digital signage

*2019 Update*

The process still works, however there is a check box in the Google home app, go to the Device settings for your chrome cast. Click ‘Ambient Mode’. Under ‘ Personal photo curation’ set the box to ‘ Live albums only’. The rest of the guide should work.

I just wanted to share something I stumbled across. At school we have an old TV with a custom computer attached that is running some digital signage software. However, this software is terrible, clunky and not user-friendly at all. It creates too much work.


So I needed a solution for this, I was thinking of a Raspberry Pi running a custom OS. Once again it would be complicated to use (cool nonetheless). Then one day I was playing around with my Chromecast, I realised you can have it play photos from Google Albums.

Here is a basic Guide.

  • Head to Google Photos
  • Click Albums on the left & then create a new album. Make sure you name it, I’ve named each album after the Chromecast it is streaming too.
  • Up the top click add photos, upload your photos
    • Sidenote – I used Microsoft Powerpoint to create slides with the news and events and saved them as JPEG’s to upload.
  • Click the tick and that album is saved
  • I am going to presume you’ve set up your Chromecast to be on your wifi already.
  • Using the Google Home App, select the Chromecast and hit edit backdrop. Select Google Photos then select the album you just made. All done!
    • You may want to adjust other settings such as displaying weather, news & the speed of the slideshow.

I hope this helps, its a really nice cheap alternative ($50au) to commercial systems, with the benefit you can share the albums so multiple people can contribute.

There are customer Content Management System apps for Chromecast but these started at around $20USD a month and we didn’t need YouTube videos and I like the fact that if there is an issue I never need to start the stream again.

Any questions just leave a comment!



What would happen if your laptop or phone suddenly turned off or the hard drive failed?
How much data would you lose?
When did it last backup?
Is there even a backup?
Take 2 minutes now to check and find out.


It’s a great idea to have an automatic backup to an external drive at home and a cloud backup – Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, GDrive are some options.

If you have questions sent us a message so we can help you out.
Don’t lose all your important memories and hard work for the sake of 2 minutes.

Cybersafety iPad

iOS 12 ScreenTime and parental controls

If you have a family with Children who use iPads and iPhones this maybe helpful. Today Apple released iOS 12, one of the biggest features is a new thing called ScreenTime. 

ScreenTime allows you to monitor and control when your children can use the devices along with which apps, for example you can block games across the day except between 4pm and 5pm or allow them only 30 minutes across the week. After this time is used it will disable the app. Its a very easy way to control your Childs use of the device. There are now no excuses for kids being on devices late at night when they shouldn’t be.

girl sitting on bed holding tablet computer
Photo by Drew Rae on

The best part of this is that you can control it from your own device, so you don’t even need to physically use their iPad. Along with this you get a weekly report of how they are using the devices – what times, which apps and how often they pick up the device.

I found a guide here which shows you how to set it up. Before you do this, your devices need to be updated to iOS 12.


Cybersafety note for parents

Just a little cyber safety note for some parents.

There are sites such as AirTasker which will offer money 💵 and free clothes or incentives in exchange for pictures of your children that will apparently be used on their social media.

I recently spoke to a member from the Australian Federal police and he mentioned that a lot of these are not what they seem, the pictures end up being circulated on unsavoury websites, regardless of how harmless they seem.

The other issue is that people upload the photo forgetting all the data is embedded into that photo. It takes 5 seconds to work out where and when the photo was taken. This is referred to as Meta data- it contains locations, times, sometimes even names of the people if there is face recognition.

I’m not saying they are all like that, but just be aware. Pictures will and do get used, just be mindful about where they will end up.

A great resource for more information is the Goverment eSafety website, which has lots of parent friendly information.