Remote Support Available

With the latest government recommendations to minimise contact between people and maintain social distancing, SnapeIT are offering remote support and conferencing over Zoom.

Remotely, we can still fix a majority of issues that most of our clients have – this can be related to most software issues. Should you have a physical issue we are still offering a pickup/drop off service and for other issues, we can discuss alternative arrangements (depending on the Government regulations at the time).

You can book an appointment here

Zoom will automatically send you an invite with the link to the Zoom. You can download the apps from here . Zoom works across most devices, if you are experiencing internet issues, it can be installed onto a mobile device.

As always, if you have any questions please email [email protected]


Guide to using a Chromecast as digital signage

*2019 Update*

The process still works, however there is a check box in the Google home app, go to the Device settings for your chrome cast. Click ‘Ambient Mode’. Under ‘ Personal photo curation’ set the box to ‘ Live albums only’. The rest of the guide should work.

I just wanted to share something I stumbled across. At school we have an old TV with a custom computer attached that is running some digital signage software. However, this software is terrible, clunky and not user-friendly at all. It creates too much work.


So I needed a solution for this, I was thinking of a Raspberry Pi running a custom OS. Once again it would be complicated to use (cool nonetheless). Then one day I was playing around with my Chromecast, I realised you can have it play photos from Google Albums.

Here is a basic Guide.

  • Head to Google Photos
  • Click Albums on the left & then create a new album. Make sure you name it, I’ve named each album after the Chromecast it is streaming too.
  • Up the top click add photos, upload your photos
    • Sidenote – I used Microsoft Powerpoint to create slides with the news and events and saved them as JPEG’s to upload.
  • Click the tick and that album is saved
  • I am going to presume you’ve set up your Chromecast to be on your wifi already.
  • Using the Google Home App, select the Chromecast and hit edit backdrop. Select Google Photos then select the album you just made. All done!
    • You may want to adjust other settings such as displaying weather, news & the speed of the slideshow.

I hope this helps, its a really nice cheap alternative ($50au) to commercial systems, with the benefit you can share the albums so multiple people can contribute.

There are customer Content Management System apps for Chromecast but these started at around $20USD a month and we didn’t need YouTube videos and I like the fact that if there is an issue I never need to start the stream again.

Any questions just leave a comment!


Cybersafety note for parents

Just a little cyber safety note for some parents.

There are sites such as AirTasker which will offer money 💵 and free clothes or incentives in exchange for pictures of your children that will apparently be used on their social media.

I recently spoke to a member from the Australian Federal police and he mentioned that a lot of these are not what they seem, the pictures end up being circulated on unsavoury websites, regardless of how harmless they seem.

The other issue is that people upload the photo forgetting all the data is embedded into that photo. It takes 5 seconds to work out where and when the photo was taken. This is referred to as Meta data- it contains locations, times, sometimes even names of the people if there is face recognition.

I’m not saying they are all like that, but just be aware. Pictures will and do get used, just be mindful about where they will end up.

A great resource for more information is the Goverment eSafety website, which has lots of parent friendly information.