Cybersafety note for parents

Cybersafety note for parents

Just a little cyber safety note for some parents.

There are sites such as AirTasker which will offer money 💵 and free clothes or incentives in exchange for pictures of your children that will apparently be used on their social media.

I recently spoke to a member from the Australian Federal police and he mentioned that a lot of these are not what they seem, the pictures end up being circulated on unsavoury websites, regardless of how harmless they seem.

The other issue is that people upload the photo forgetting all the data is embedded into that photo. It takes 5 seconds to work out where and when the photo was taken. This is referred to as Meta data- it contains locations, times, sometimes even names of the people if there is face recognition.

I’m not saying they are all like that, but just be aware. Pictures will and do get used, just be mindful about where they will end up.

A great resource for more information is the Goverment eSafety website, which has lots of parent friendly information.