New Client

Welcome to Samuel Jay Real Estate

Snape IT takes pleasure in working with Samuel Jay Real Estate –

Samuel recently joined us as he was needing an online presence to help with his Real Estate career, he knew the benefits of personal branding and integrating with social media.

We designed a custom website for him with full listings for his current properties for sale along with his sold properties.

Samuel also needed a platform for news, blogs and sharing exciting news with his clients. So we set up a blog and ensured the server has enough storage and capacity to be able to do this.

As Samuel’s business expands his website requirements will too, with that in mind we set up the infrastructure to scale up the hardware and also add additional platforms such as CRM and Office 365 or GSuite should he require it. 

Samuel loves the clean design of the website, the contrasting black and whites along with the fully customisable interface for his clients. As his business evolves so will the website. 

Samuel often doesn’t have the time to sit down at a desktop to add listings or content to his site, so through an app, he can add listings and news articles to his site along with videos.

If you’re looking at buying or selling property in Melbourne look no further than Samuel Jay.